Monday, April 2, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was about one thing for me: the South Beach triathlon I competed in on Sunday! (And of course, hanging with the kittens.)

Saturday: race packet pick-up and pre-race jitters!

Distracting myself the night before by cleaning and doing laundry--these two didn't help any.

Sunday morning: sunrise on the walk to the starting line

Ready to start (I hope)!

Sunrise over the huge wave of swimmers. I'm in there somewhere. (So is F's thumb, covering the left side camera lens.)

Finished! And, quite frankly, about ready to fall over. Of course, then I had to bike home...

This little guy was excited I finished the race and came home. (And how cute is that chubby striped belly?!)

As wiped out as I was from a long day, obviously.

- Saturday was pre-race day for me, pre-travel day for F (he was leaving Sunday afternoon for a week on business). So basically, we ran errands and I cleaned to distract and de-stress myself. Cleaning can be oddly therapeutic for me when I'm stressed, if that makes any sense at all. Of course, the kittens thought I was just piling things around the apartment for them to chew or lie down on. But who could get mad at those cute faces (or at those giant kitten eyes)? 

We also headed down to the beach in the mid-afternoon to pick out my race packet and see the starting line and the bike set-up. Which calmed me down in terms of knowing where everything was and what lay ahead of me, but freaked me out in terms of the race was finally here!

- Sunday was...drumroll please...race day! The event started at 6:30, but my age group wave didn't start until 8:10, so we left the house, me on the bike and F on the scooter as my guided escort, around 6:20. After setting up my bike, we all walked down the beach to the starting line just as the sun was starting to come into view over the beach (not a bad morning walk, all in all). Then there was a lot of waiting as alllllll the other waves went in the water before mine, the third to last one. (Which left a lot of time for pre-race nervousness, let me tell you!) But soon enough, my time came and I started the 1/2 mile swim, 19 mile bike, 4 mile run race. It was hard, it was hot, but it was super fun and I'm glad I did it! Immediately afterwards, I pretty much wanted to be carried or wheelchaired home my legs hurt so bad (although I wasn't so lucky--I still had to bike home! If only I knew how to drive a scooter, we could've switched...). But once home, F had to leave for the airport, so the kittens and I turned on Netflix to catch up on our past Mad Men episodes, passed out for a while, and lazed around for the rest of the day. It was great. Now I'm just hoping I can stand up long enough to make it through work today.

And how was your weekend? Anything quite as fun (or quite as tiring)? Thanks for indulging my tri tales and my trillionth kitten picture of the week!