Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend!

It's finally Friday and I tell you, it couldn't have come soon enough. What with my computer still not working, getting little to no sleep before long work days because of the new kittens, and all the triathlon prepping I had to do this week, I'm ready for a relaxing Saturday and an intense Sunday! I have a couple friends in town from New York (finally! yay!) and hope to have a long leisurely dinner tonight, then just relax on the beach and at home with the kittens tomorrow while trying not to concentrate solely on the race. And maybe even finally see The Hunger Games. What about you, any big plans? Or small relaxing ones?

Here's a photo of my sleepy little monsters, for your daily cuteness quota.

Happy weekend, everyone!

P.S. Best victory dance ever.

This is so true.

In case you haven't yet made plans for April Fool's Day...

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