Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspired By...! Shocking, I know. But I'm in love with these DIY gold animal buddies. Micha would hate them (both the gold and the animal part) but seeing as he allows all my gnomes to live with us, I think he could warm up to shiny pretend pets eventually, too.

Photo and DIY by Cassie

...words to live by. This morning, I did not get my coffee first - we ran out! the horror! - and let me tell you, that combined with the fact that I had to get up extra early for my Top Model moment was not a pretty sight. And should never be repeated. (Like that teaser? More to come soon!)

Available at Hungry Prints

...fabulous handmade art (in a gorgeous home) that looks like a combination two of my favorite things: confetti and gold. I think I've found my new art project. that almost looks too pretty to drink. Almost. (Because I think it's clear how I feel about coffee.)

Photo by Smith & Ratliff

...the possible end to the neverending bedroom dresser hunt. If this Ikea beauty is real (and supposedly it will be come May), you bet your ass I will be first in line. (I totally broke the unintentional coffee-and-gold theme here but this was just too good not to share.)

Soon to be available at Ikea (supposedly)

...more words to sometimes live by. (Oh let's face it, I'm in it for the gold.)

Photo by Melanie Shimano

Image credits: Gold elephant by Hi Sugarplum! for Little Green Notebook | Coffee print by Hungry Prints via Little Green Notebook | Danielle's hall print by Stoffer Photography for Rue Magazine | Coffee by Smith & Ratliff | Dresser by Ikea via A Merry Mishap | Overdressed print by Melanie Shimano, pinned by Glitter Guide

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