Monday, March 26, 2012

A Monday Morning Hello...

...because I was so absent last week. But here's why. Last week went something like this for me: work...too much. Train for triathlon...(what felt like) not enough (I'm a wee bit terrified that it's coming up so soon!). Get baby kittens and stare at/play with/cuddle them...endlessly. Blog/work on computer...not at all, because my computer's power cord decided to commit suicide (for the second time, I might add, which may turn PC-loving me into a Mac girl yet). Just to explain my absence in a few sentences to you all. And since it's Monday morning and you probably haven't had your daily dose of cuteness yet, here's one of our new little munchkins in their favorite "toys/beds." (You can spend $80 on toys at Petco, come home, and all they want to play with is your shoe. But of course.)

Also, since I'm already talking about my baby kitties, why stop there, it's just entirely too precious how, when we lie on the floor and let them climb, wobbly, all over us (F calls it "playing Gulliver") they'll come really close to my face and just stare at me. Like, I don't think you look like me, but maybe you do? I realize I'm talking about them like a new mom would about a baby, but they pretty much are my first babies. Especially since they kept us up all night last night meowing to get love, to explore, and to just have us near. And who can refuse a wee kitten meow?!

So that's my, Hi, I'm back! spiel besides my still-busted computer and my final week of tri training. Hope you don't mind a lot of kitten talk (and pictures!) from now on.

P.S. Is anyone else on the fence about John Cusack playing Edgar Allan Poe?

In the spirit of kittens...!

DVF for kids may be the cutest line ever. I got this for F's 9-month-old niece--how ridiculously cute!


  1. They are absolutely adorable! I have two cats now and I talked about them nonstop when they were kittens too! They're just too cute! :)

  2. Thanks! I know I feel a bit ridiculous but they're too cute not to oogle over right now ;)