Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Bar Cart

Well, you know, sometimes an unexpected break from things does one well. It's been a bit quiet around here because my life-work-play balance hasn't been particularly in the favor of play lately, much to my own dismay. Natalie has also somehow been surviving the past two weeks without internet, which she says will be back soon. We shall see...wish us both luck!

So let's start up again on the right foot and take a look at my super cute bar cart today, because I'm quite happy with how it's come together over the past few months.

Zara Home glasses | Manly whisky corner with some girly doilies

Hendrick's (I'm completely smitten) really is the champagne of gins, in taste and looks 

My goodness, we have a lot of whisky... (We, in this case, means, of course, Micha)

Yup, this bad boy is getting plenty of use during the EM (Euro Cup) this month, let me tell ya.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Favorite breakfast made just right

Five years of awesome deserves champagne

Baby tomato blossoms arrived at last!

Another tiny blossom

Other happy plants after a day of rain followed by a day of heat

Our overloaded balcony... (no worries, though, we finally gave away, to Micha's momma, those extra five tomato plants that were taking up all the sitting room)

Guacamole prep

Fish fresh from the grill

Dinner for three

Mojitos for the EM

Window washing

Courtyard kitty watching

Blue sky admiring from a bridge with a view

The weekend was full of extended post-anniversary celebrations, beer drinking and EM watching with Kai (yay! Germany made it to the quarterfinals!), and a little bit of apartment prettifying in the form of window washing on our non-rainy Sunday. We also cooked a bit, I made my very first batch of mojitos (they were so much easier than I thought they were!), and then I had to get up at the ripe old hour of 4:30am this morning to catch a flight to Birmingham for work. It was a lovely weekend and I'll be glad to be back home again with Micha tomorrow. The 30°(C) heat that awaits me in Berlin doesn't hurt either...

And how was your weekend?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five Years of Awesome







That's how I'm summing up our time together so far. Thanks for an amazing last five years, dude! Here's to many many more years of awesome. And beyond!


Inspired By...

...camping done right - with plenty of mosquito protection yet still a lovely view and space to walk around in. Ok, we may be going camping soon with friends, and I'm a little not-yet-so-thrilled...a girl can dream it would look like this, right?

...rugged, manly flasks, to store the booze that will keep me warm and happy (read: non-whiney, for Micha's sake) on said camping trip.

Available at Liquid Courage evening beach picnic that would make me forget I was in the wild outdoors.

...the coolest, cuddliest, and most ridiculous blanket to warm up under next to a bonfire.
Available, (though currently sold out) at Ikou Tschüss

Image credits: Glamping by Wolwedans Dune Lodge via the Travelettes | Mustache and mountain flasks by Liquid Courage | Picnic by Swoon by Katie, styling by Sweet Emilia Jane and Sitting in a Tree | Donkey blanket by Ikou Tschüss, pinned by Ez

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Harvest

Our mint plant nearly took over the balcony so this morning, I decided he needed a trim. This was very likely spurred on by a coworker announcing we would be making mojitos tomorrow at work (I don't ask why, I take moments like this as they come.) but she didn't know if she could find enough mint. So, quite obviously, I volunteered my little plant.

FYI, that's one of those normal-sized Anthropologie latte bowls, not one of the cute mini ones. (Yeah, also, I recently broke three of my five mini ones...sad face. psst, Liz, I need a new stash!)

The overgrown parsley

And the chives that won't die, no matter how many winters they have to endure

Aren't they looking great? I'm a bit neurotic about googling the right way to trim them, so I'm hoping they'll keep growing like mad all summer as a result. Hooray for balcony gardening!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

We got a visit from my favorite little wee munchkin this weekend - Charlie! Accompanied, of course, by my other favorite person, his momma, Emily, and a whole crew they brought with - Artur and both of Emily's parents.

On Friday, we met up after work to watch the first soccer game of the EM (European Soccer Championships) while enjoying some Mexican food before heading to Prater beer garden for a couple more drinks in the amazing weather that magically appeared just for the weekend (thanks for bringing it with, Em!).

Micha and Charlie meet at last! They were instant friends | Love that belly

We had a long, leisurely brunch at Morgenland on Saturday, and then, since Em's parents had never been to Berlin before, meandered through the different sights of Kreuzberg...


Brunching and baby-cuddling

...First we headed to Victoriapark for a visit to the top of the Kreuzberg...

 On our way up | Emily and her momma 

...where Charlie approved of the bright, fluffy clouds and lovely view of the city...

My favorite little smile

Micha playing tour guide (one of his best skills)

Look at that chubby arm! I love the chub!

...then we made our way down Bergmannstraße to the Markthalle, where Charlie was the only one who ended up getting a treat (can't say I was jealous of his food, though ;)...

More carrots, please!

...then we got back in the cars, me with half the troop in Micha's car - yup, I drove a baby for the first time ever! kind of terrifiying - and him with the other half in a DriveNow car for a quick driving tour of City West (which was easier said than done considering half the streets were closed for the EM and Velothon) and a pit stop at Café am Neuen See in the Tiergarten.

Emily and I prefer to match outfits whenever possible (Also, this may be the only pic of the two of us together this weekend - why do we suck at taking pictures together?!)

Chubby chubby legs!

You can't tell here, but Micha had bird poop as well as baby drool on him by this point. As did I, ridiculously enough.

Charlie did his best to try and steal Micha's watch | Dad's teaching the little man well

Classic expressions

Charlie and Grandma - pretending to give babies beer never gets old (this time it's Grandpa's hand!)

We then rounded out the day by watching the Germany-Portugal game outdoors at Bar Babette. Well, the boys watched. Emily and I chatted and laughed and drank...and chatted some more.

Sadly, they all had to take a train at noon on Sunday to make it back to Munich and Salzburg, so instead of getting another day witht hem, we spent the rest of our weekend lazing around the house - Micha read the news and watched soccer and I read an absurd amount of pages of A Game of Thrones (and I'm still barely halfway through!). Ahhh, nothing better than Sundays at home with the windows open and the sun shining through, let me tell ya.

pssst! Some more pictures from the weekend by Emily over here!