Monday, June 18, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Favorite breakfast made just right

Five years of awesome deserves champagne

Baby tomato blossoms arrived at last!

Another tiny blossom

Other happy plants after a day of rain followed by a day of heat

Our overloaded balcony... (no worries, though, we finally gave away, to Micha's momma, those extra five tomato plants that were taking up all the sitting room)

Guacamole prep

Fish fresh from the grill

Dinner for three

Mojitos for the EM

Window washing

Courtyard kitty watching

Blue sky admiring from a bridge with a view

The weekend was full of extended post-anniversary celebrations, beer drinking and EM watching with Kai (yay! Germany made it to the quarterfinals!), and a little bit of apartment prettifying in the form of window washing on our non-rainy Sunday. We also cooked a bit, I made my very first batch of mojitos (they were so much easier than I thought they were!), and then I had to get up at the ripe old hour of 4:30am this morning to catch a flight to Birmingham for work. It was a lovely weekend and I'll be glad to be back home again with Micha tomorrow. The 30°(C) heat that awaits me in Berlin doesn't hurt either...

And how was your weekend?

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