Monday, June 4, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

On Friday we had planned on heading westwards to a jazz bar, but ended up never making it out of Prenzl'berg (damn that gloomy weather) and enjoying a crazy huge meal of Brazilian food - mostly meat, Micha's favorite - instead. Plus cocktails and a flaming pineapple, so I'll just go ahead and call it a win for me too.

That's right, I found the headquarters of Rammstein. FOR REAL. Cuz strange '90s hard rock bands need that kinda thing. 

That liquored up flaming pineapple was delicious | The dirty martini almost was...

On Saturday we belatedly celebrated Stefan's birthday with some cookies, evening Thai food, beer, and a freakishly lot of talk about the pros and cons of dryers (they're pro, we're con. Only because we don't have one, though...)

Birthday cookies, before and after

Wee Mara took a break from being held - her favorite past time - for a nap | Wegebier (our on-the-way beers)

I'm almost embarassed to admit how we spent our Saturday night except for the fact that I know my mother would have totally loved it. (Ok, now I am truly embarassed...) When we got home, we had intended to whip up some cocktails and watch entirely too many episodes of Friends but - oh yes, it gets even more thrilling! - when I turned on the TV, I found a 3-hour long ABBA documentary on! If it hadn't been for the movie Mamma Mia, I would have never even thought twice about watching anything about ABBA, but, well, that movie flat out rocks. And so ABBA documentary it was for our Saturday night. (Well, mine. Micha fell promptly asleep as soon as they started to play Chiquitita and talk about divorces.)

You'll truly think we live a thrilling life when you hear about our Sunday organizing our damn bedroom but you have no idea how much this bedroom plagues me. Natalie does. I can't stand it and that's just a sad state to live in. So I finally brought some order to the room - because admittedly, most of the clutter is mine - and it's such a lovely breath of fresh air now to walk into that room and find free space!

Bedroom organizing in progress, which had/has become our storage place for any random items - bikes, ladders, roll-away cots, piles and piles of laundry, wrapping paper...

After taking down about 10 cardboard boxes (most imprinted with either the words Amazon or Zalando - gee, I wonder whose those were...), Micha came back up and exclaimed, "I put all but one in the bin. But one I had to leave whole." Then he pointed to the window and said, "take a look at why."

And he even smiled as he pointed out Renate (yes, that's her real name) the ground-level-apartment/courtyard kitty who decided to make the box her new toy. (This is a breakthrough people. He is the furthest thing from an animal lover!)

My under-the-bed paper box is organized at long last. But I'm not allowed to buy more any kind of paper for a while...

Or yarn. Or knitting supplies of any sort. This box is deep.

To round out my horrendously domestic weekend (hey, it was raining, give me a break!), I'll just show you how kick-you-in-the-pants fantastic our balcony plants are faring now that they actually see at least a little bit of sunshine every day. (ps, comparing them to Natalie's plants in Miami is just plain unfair.)

Some of those tomato plants have even sprouted wee flowers!

The flowers love the teapot, but aren't so sure if they enjoy life in the pipe-hanging pots

The gnome has been helping the late bloomers catch up

Marjoram, parsley, and rosemary (the runt)

Pepper plants and "beans" (randomly received from a coworker so I honestly don't know what they are) | the chives that have survived four winters, aka. my pride and joy

Pretty sure that mint is going to take over the entire balcony soon enough...

The tomatoes that we may or may not still give away.

And after all that excitement, another week of real life begins...

And how was your weekend?

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