Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspired By...

...camping done right - with plenty of mosquito protection yet still a lovely view and space to walk around in. Ok, we may be going camping soon with friends, and I'm a little not-yet-so-thrilled...a girl can dream it would look like this, right?

...rugged, manly flasks, to store the booze that will keep me warm and happy (read: non-whiney, for Micha's sake) on said camping trip.

Available at Liquid Courage evening beach picnic that would make me forget I was in the wild outdoors.

...the coolest, cuddliest, and most ridiculous blanket to warm up under next to a bonfire.
Available, (though currently sold out) at Ikou Tschüss

Image credits: Glamping by Wolwedans Dune Lodge via the Travelettes | Mustache and mountain flasks by Liquid Courage | Picnic by Swoon by Katie, styling by Sweet Emilia Jane and Sitting in a Tree | Donkey blanket by Ikou Tschüss, pinned by Ez

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