Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! We've had a little bit of an eventful few days down here, most noticeably Wednesday night when I found an injured baby bird on the sidewalk outside of work! Poor little guy was upside down and flopping around, and after trying to find someone to help him, I called F and told him I know I know, we have two kittens, but I have to bring the baby bird home! (Apparently the little bird was the second one to fall out of a nest recently.) Once at home, we put him in a small box with some towels and newspaper, fed him water from a mini kitten bottle, and let him rest the night in our closet with the light on. The next day my vet told me about a wild bird sanctuary in Miami (Pelican Harbor, if you're interested), so we rushed him over there. He seemed to be doing much better in the morning, flopping around, trying to test out his wings, squawking at me, so I'm hoping he--who we named Clark in our short time with him--is doing well and can be released soon! Fly on, little Clark!

As for the weekend, Sunday is F's little niece's 1st birthday, so a champagne-filled poolside celebration is in order--as well as some European soccer Cup watching, but of course. What are you up to this weekend?

Hope you have a lovely and restful few days off and we'll see you back here next week!

"Macheete Poster" by YAWN via Design Is Mine

P.S. Ha! Cats just crack me up...

Holy cow! Coolest bike storage ever!

Personalized journals by Minted. Wonderful idea!

I'm loving these light knits for the summer months.

These would be awesome in my balcony garden.

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