Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Harvest

Our mint plant nearly took over the balcony so this morning, I decided he needed a trim. This was very likely spurred on by a coworker announcing we would be making mojitos tomorrow at work (I don't ask why, I take moments like this as they come.) but she didn't know if she could find enough mint. So, quite obviously, I volunteered my little plant.

FYI, that's one of those normal-sized Anthropologie latte bowls, not one of the cute mini ones. (Yeah, also, I recently broke three of my five mini ones...sad face. psst, Liz, I need a new stash!)

The overgrown parsley

And the chives that won't die, no matter how many winters they have to endure

Aren't they looking great? I'm a bit neurotic about googling the right way to trim them, so I'm hoping they'll keep growing like mad all summer as a result. Hooray for balcony gardening!

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