Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspiration to Action: Handwritten Letters

I've always liked writing things by hand--letters, little notes, papers. Even in college (which wasn't that long ago), I always hand wrote all my papers and essays. Only later, for the final draft, did I type them up. It was way more time consuming, of course, and way messier, to do so, but for some reason my thoughts just flow more easily when I hand write.

But I've fallen out of the habit lately (like, probably, most of the world has). So when I saw this lovely print on Pinterest the other week, I had a wee bit of a (somewhat guilty) aha moment.

I should write more handwritten letters! Why haven't I been doing so for so long? And so I've decided to. I dug out all the hand-letter-writing materials I could find in my shelves yesterday (which was a lot) and decided to start writing letters this week. (So if I have your address, get ready for some old school snail mail!)

P.S. My handwritten letter materials: Multi-language Thank You notes from Target | "Table for Two" maternity card by Speckles and Weeds | Seasonal note cards by Yours Is the Earth | Beautiful beautiful beautiful printed stationary picked up in Florence, Italy years ago | Ridiculously hilarious cat stationary (that I mostly send to my mother, the crazy-cat-lady-to-be) by Stuff on My Cat

Image credits: Handwritten Letters from Mary Kate's flickr via Catherine's pinterest | Stationary supplies by Natalie

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