Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Kittens!

Sorry for my absence this week, but I've been working really long hours and then trying to prioritize triathlon training above anything else (just 10 days til the event!), but I had to share with you all, albeit late in the day, the newest members of our family--our new baby kitties, Zuma and Aperol! It took us half the day to adopt them from the shelter and then get them home, on the scooter no less--yes, we braved it; yes, the little guys were okay. Then it took us the other half of the day to name them (and watch them stumble around the house like little drunks! It's so cute how baby animals toddle around on unstable feet, isn't it?). So here's some cuteness for your evening and I'll catch up with you more tomorrow!

Zuma, our little man, climbing on his new papa

 Aperol, our little girl, is a fan of the rug

Getting ready to nap for the fifth time of the day

Bringing the babies home!

So far, they're fans of the wine rack. Good thing, considering Aperol's namesake

All photos by Natalie

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