Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travel Thursdays: I'll Take My Wine To Go, Please

Sometimes you come across something and just go, Oh. my. god., that would have been perfect for that time I was...{fill in the blank here}. And that's exactly how I felt when Nicole sent this little gem to me this morning via Pinterest:

A portable wine carafe. !!! (Sorry, but those extra exclamation points couldn't be helped. We're wine fans over here.)

Now we've been on many an outdoor/on the train/in the hotel room wine picnic over here (remember?) where this little gadget would have been awesome to have. And would have been way classier than pouring wine in a water bottle or Starbucks cup (yes, we've done both; yes, we're embarrased). Sure, in France you never get weird looks for opening a bottle of wine at 1pm in the middle of the park--in fact, it seems fairly common--or in Italy, but sometimes on a train ride, or definitely in America, you do. And what about if you  don't have little sippy cups to drink from (thanks to these we'll never have that problem again), or don't have enough time to finish the whole bottle? You could just pack it up and keep it with you. All while looking like, hey, I'm just pouring/drinking from my awesome water bottle. Situations like this could've been avoided:

Nicole on a weekend jaunt to Lake Como in '06. Not having a cup to drink from is not the best look.

 So to-go wine carafes? Count us in. Now it's obviously time to start planning our next outdoor picnic.

Portable wine carafe by Kimpton Style via Nicole's pinterest | Classy photo of Nicole by Natalie

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