Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel Thursdays: Sleep in a Coffin in Berlin

I enjoy finding out about cool places to stay in my city so that I always have an arsenal of suggestions for potential visitors. And let me tell you, Berlin has its fair share of wacky hotels.

For example, in the Propeller Island City Lodge here in Berlin, you have the choice of many crazypants rooms, each one completely unique and designed by the artist Lars Stroschen. But my favorite room, by far, would have to be the coffin room.

Not that I have some bizarre death fetish or anything. But you see, when we were wee munchkins, Natalie and I were obsessed with vampires. Freakishly obsessed, starting at the age of five when our mom got us hooked on the awesome-but-sadly-very-short-lived '90s remake of the classic vampire TV show, Dark Shadows. And so much so that we never built forts out of our sheets in our rooms, we built coffins.

So I'd like to think our early '90s small selves would greatly appreciate this unique (and yet totally creepy) hotel room; and if it weren't in such an inconvenient location for visiting (Ku'damm is just so so far from my apartment), I'd totally book this one for Nat's next visit. (Or maybe I'm just throwing her off the track here and will do it anyways...hint hint, sister: plan a visit!)

Also, if coffins aren't really your thing, there are 26 other awesome rooms to choose from, too.

Photo by Propeller Island City Lodge

ps. No, we could not possibly be more excited for the upcoming Dark Shadows movie that Tim Burton is directing! Just had to throw that in there.

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