Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But the Sight of the Stars Makes Me Dream

I wish I weren't entirely, ridiculously too late to jump on the bandwagon of falling in love with this quote and wanting to display it in my home with this print.

(It's even more beautiful when you see it close up and realize that the artist, Seb Lester, created the gold lettering out of thousands of tiny gold stars.)

But sadly, this beautiful gold version was sold out long ago. More recently, a silver version was available here, but I was also too slow for that one. Keep your fingers crossed he releases another version sometime soon because this would be the perfect, dreamy addition to our guest room/Natalie's room.

And yes, I did just realize how much I've talked about gold in the past two days. I cannot guarantee that this will end anytime soon.

Print by Seb Lester via Keep Calm Gallery

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