Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Dream File Cabinet (Yes, I Have a Dream File Cabinet)

Have you ever wanted something so so bad that having to wait for it was just painful? I mean, everything I wanted as a little kid felt like that, of course. But lately, for me, despite all the home redecorations I have planned in my head, all the cute new spring outfits I'm dying to wear, and now, all the millions of kitty toys I feel drawn to buying, the one thing I wanted so so bad was this:

Cb2's chartreuse file cabinet. And now--it's mine! I'm pretty sure I mentioned it at least once a day for the past month, and finally, with an oh-so-subtle, "You know what you should buy today" hint from me, F picked it up this week. Hurrah! Pics of its happy home in my apartment (we have the coordinating desk, so it's not a completely random chartreuse purchase) will come soon--when I actually get the time to, you know, put it together and fill it up (meaning probably next week, after my triathlon). Until then, well, doesn't the color just make you smile? Cause it sure does for me!

Image from cb2

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