Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Apparently, I'm finding it hard to let go of the weekend this week. But alas, it really is over and here's how it looked:

The sunny balcony was just screaming for some attention in the form of baby plant repotting (as opposed to its usual winter job of beer storage)

The cliché ridden comedy show, Cavewoman | Friday night gin tonics

View from the Mini

Lunch/dinner: pea soup, grilled cheese a là John (our grandpa), and a beer with a smiley!
More spring flowers (I can't get enough)

After the Eisbären game (next stop: semifinals!), we happened to see all the players driving home from our table at a fabulous Italian restaurant (that bruschetta!)

Wee little spaced-out Mara and her newest friend (whose hand she wouldn't let go of), Micha

It was a busy, busy weekend. We enjoyed an evening of gin tonics, Philppines picture-showing, and Italian treats (I made this lemony fresh ravioli and it was to-die-for!) with Kerstin and Hendryk on Friday night before they left for vacation. I replanted all the tomato babies and planted a bunch of herbs to go with them (separate post to come). We had tickets to the comedy show, Cavewoman - a Christmas gift from Micha's momma - and it was...ok. A one-woman show about the semi-hilarious difficulties between men and women when living together. Somehow, though, I felt like I was the only one in the audience who, every time she commented on typical manly behavior - like being ridiculously whiney when sick or always buying everything at the store except what's on the list - I turned to Micha and said "frick, that's totally me in our relationship..." To which he nodded and chuckled. Sigh.

We did manage to end the night at Dr Pong, though, so not all was lost. Except, of course, that one hour of Daylight Savings time. Which we very much did lose and which I very much did miss on my hungover Sunday morning.

Sunday was game 3 of the DEL hockey quarterfinals and while not the greatest game, the Eisbären still kicked ass and will hopefully clench their semi-finals spot tomorrow (they were first place this year, so it's not really that tough for them. Never really is.) After the game, we did what good Germans do when the weather is even remotely nice and enjoyed a meal outside at the cutest new (to me) Italian restaurant in Friedrichshain, Saporito Pasta e Vino (which you certainly can't tell by looking at the terrible website). Teeny little few-week-old Mara joined us; along, of course, with her parents Andrea and Stefan, and she was pretty smitten with Micha, evidenced by the blatant hand-holding. The adoration seemed pretty mutual, though. :) Frankly, I was most envious of her rockin' to-go sleeping bag...

How was your weekend?

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