Friday, March 16, 2012

Having a Ross Moment

Today after work, I'm heading off to Munich to finally visit Emily, Artur, and baby Charlie. It's our first meeting and I seriously can't wait to cuddle and poke his chubby little cheeks!. I am so beyond excited (though not so much for the 6-hour train ride, which is why I brought along the first season of Homeland to keep me entertained) that I pretty much want to spend my last few working hours of the week jumping up and down like...well, like Ross. Because he does it best (starting at the 0:24 mark).

Warning: it's loud! But amazing.

Enjoy, friends. (Micha and I just rewatched this episode recently and we cannot stop watching this scene. It's probably become my favorite Friends scene EVER.) And have a great weekend!

ps. Fun weekend links to come from Natalie in a bit, so check back soon!

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