Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was my long-awaited first meeting with little Charlie. I'm still somewhat sad that I only got two days with him, but it was a very lovely and relaxing (yup, relaxing with a baby, can't say I expected that!) two days, spent mostly outside in the glorious pre-spring sunshine and warm temperatures we so eagerly took advantage of. (The weather is already back to its usual chilly gray self today, though. Sniffle sniffle.)

Charlie's various reactions to the new chair I schlepped on the train for him. He has a very expressive little chubby face that I just can't get enough of.

Teeny tiny foot | Mom & dad

T-shirt weather at the Biergarten

Unhappy? Ready to cheer? Someone decide for me!

  Love this picture of mom and baby

The love between us is mutual, I promise. He just didn't like the flash! No, really...

Sunday brunch

My favorite two pictures of him: Happy little smile | Freaking out whole-body fit (which lasted about 2.5 seconds until he got his return-pacifier-to-mouth service. He's generally a very good egg.)

One of the best things about anywhere in Germany is that as soon as there's even a remote bit of sunshine, every single person emerges from their houses and spends the day outdoors. Which makes for the perfect beer garden atmosphere, full of friends, and not nearly as many Maß beers as the pictures make it look like.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching wee Charlie's constantly changing facial expressions and moods. When he wasn't eating or sleeping (his two most frequent activities), he usually just couldn't decide what the heck he wanted to do. Somtimes he grumpily complained until someone took him on a walk around the apartment or bounced him on the stability ball (his favorite!), and sometimes he contentedly just hung out on mom's lap and practiced his smiling or lip-licking (his newly learned trick of the weekend). Either way, he never stopped being ridiculously adorable.

We had breakfast at Kitchenette on Sunday and I love that they served everything on étagères. The website doesn't do it justice, the place is absolutely precious (despite the seemingly-grumpy-but-not-really owner) and definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Munich.

And to round it all out, neither of my trains this weekend were delayed, hooray! That is quite the accomplishment for the Deutsche Bahn. It made the 6-hour journey so much more manageable (well, that and the first six episodes of Homeland which I am now completely obsessed with, as if I needed another show...). But I seriously can't wait for them to one day build a high speed route from Berlin to Munich so I can visit ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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