Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring

I love that spring has finally arrived! It doesn't quite feel as spring-y today as it did this weekend, but you can tell it's on its way. (Maybe it's just waiting on daylight savings to finally come around this weekend before bringing on all the extra sunshine).

My favorite part of about spring in Berlin is the abundance of beautiful, colorful flowers, particularly those at our Saturday neighborhood market. Seeing all the gorgeous varieties of tulips and the piles of sunny daffodils always seems to break me right out of my winter funk and gets me ready for colorful dresses and city bike rides with friends.

Some of our recent picks from the market

Hopefully these lovelies bring as much cheer to your day as they do to my apartment!

Any big plans for the first official week of spring? We'll be cheering on our team in the hockey playoffs but other than that, I'm just hoping to avoid this impending change-of-seasons cold and enjoy some time outside once the weather permits!

All pictures by Nicole


  1. I love the tulips...so pretty....

    Minted Magazine


  2. Aren't they all amazing! I can never choose which color cuz I love them all...

    And Sam - daffodils are totally the best, and SO cheap here!