Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A little Parisian flair in Munich

Hello again!

I just realized that tomorrow is March, and Nicole is almost back from her trip, and although I promised to guest post while she was gone, I have only posted once! Well, that's life with a newborn, but I did want to check in again before Nicole regales you with more amazing tales of Filipino adventures.

And lest you think that people with newborns don't do anything but sit around the house and cuddle (which we do a lot of) I wanted to share with you this AMAZING café in Munich that I visited with my mom and my 6 week old son yesterday.

Ladencafé Marais in Munich is actually a former 20s era textile shop converted into a Paris-style café and vintage/handmade shop. It's one of those places that just oozes charm and ambiance and makes me want to spend every day sipping a foamy cappuccino by candlelight and gazing longingly at the extensive collection of (for sale!) vintage china and kitchenwares.

view of the original interior merchandise shelving 

vintage wares
The entire original 20s store interior was preserved by the café owners and now houses an eclectic collection of vintage wares - for sale!

Marais hosts regular "Marais Soir" evenings with romantic four course menus - and the counters are brimming with french candies and mints. 

The original exterior and display cases hint at the roots of the café.

Even the original cash register is charming!

Rotating exhibits by local artists line the back wall

And my absolute favorite feature of the café - there are sets of tables and chairs in the former display windows, so you can sit and watch passersby... or just pretend to be a mannequin.

And in case you were wondering - they are very child friendly! They even have a vintage high chairs and a basket of French and German children's books. If you ever find yourself in Munich, make sure to visit this lovely locale.

All photos by Ladencafé Marais 

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