Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Surprise Celebrations are My Favorite

I'll let you in on a little insider tidbit about me: I love surprise parties. Love them. Throwing them, primarily (although receiving them would be fun, too). If I had the means, the know-how, and the time, I think I'd throw My Super Sweet 16-scale bashes for every occasion ever. But in real life, I like to give special occasion fêtes at least two things: the elements of surprise and celebration. Because sometimes you don't--or at least I don't--have the time and the means to throw a huge, festive, talk-about-it-all-year bash.

Yesterday I threw a small, spontaneous, and uber-quick celebration for my man's birthday. His real birthday is in a few days but he'll be out of town, so I wanted to do something fun and surprising before he left, even if it was just for the two of us. I decided (with help from Nicole, my go-to party guru) on some simple decorations--hanging balloons and a chalkboard birthday banner (that chalkboard wall is coming in handy yet!)--a couple bow-tied presents, and a delicious but not-too-hard-to-make champagne cake (and of course, champagne). The result was this:

It was so much fun whipping up the decorations and the cake before he got home from work (especially the cake--a glass of champagne for the batter, a glass for me...). And best of all, he was so surprised and thrilled that I think I may have to do something similar for every occasion!

All photos by Natalie. Champagne cake recipe adapted from Booze Cakes via Sweetapolita (Let me just say, this recipe is so. good. I'm absolutely making it my go-to recipe from now on. I can't stop eating it. And I have it all to myself. This could lead to bad things...)


  1. thanks! it was nicoles idea and i have to say, the birthday boy and i both loved them! i think every celebration should call for hanging balloons...