Monday, February 6, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Blacklight mini-golf for our company outing

Micha found me some macarons!

The fancified English section in Dussman | Tomato seed shopping

Party time | Tomato planting

An outing in Quedlinburg after picking up...

...the long-awaited bar cart!

Cleaning time | Failed gold martinis

The weekend kind of started for me on Thursday as we had a big work party and outing and in turn, got half of Friday off. (Working the second half of Friday, however, was not so fun). Going blacklight mini-golfing in Kreuzberg was definitely the highlight of the day.

On Saturday, exactly one week before we leave for the Philippines (eek!), we finally got around to our first errand and got my big old backpack fit to me. Now only 85,982 other things to get done this week...

We also started our baby tomato garden this weeknd! I'll follow up with a full post about that because, well, you know how much I freaking love our tomatoes. And we managed to make it to Sarah's birthday party as well on Saturday, even though Micha was nursing a brutal hangover from visiting HofbrÀuhaus with his dad the night before. (Hangover courtesy of the extra beer bought for us by our new Australian archaeologist buddy, Ben.)

On Sunday, Micha proved, once again, what an awesome and unbelievably tolerant boyfriend he is by accompanying me to Bernburg to pick up the awesome brass bar cart I won on eBay! Oh yes, I won it for a whopping 1.50€ because I was, apparently, the only person willing to drive to Bernburg for it! But I still contest that it was a genius move on my part because, even with gas, the grand total only came to 21.50€. Plus, Micha then decided that we should head to the medieval town of Quedlinburg and make a day out of it. Which, while lovely, would have been so much better had it not been negative a bajillion degrees outside and had any restaurants been open. By the time we found the single one open in town, we were too frozen to continue sightseeing. (Still a win in my book, though.)

So now the bar cart is currently undergoing a tedious - and extremely messy - cleaning process. Cross your fingers that the result is worth it because I really want to buy some fancy liquor to put on it before we leave! (We currently only have 3 partially-filled bottles of tequila and goldwasser. Which is apparently an herby schnapps and NOT AT ALL tasty when mixed with vermouth. Even though the flecks of gold are so lovely. Live and learn, right?)

p.s. If anyone ever tells you that driving at ridiculous speeds on the German Autobahn is more scary than fun, they lie! I kicked the German Autobahn's ass this Sunday and it was AMAZING! More on that to come...

p.p.s Yes, that is Micha dancing in a church up there. Blasphemous East German...

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