Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Have Baby Tomatoes!

I made an amazing discovery this past weekend. I had just brought my filthy road bike out onto the balcony to await cleaning (it got filthy muddy during the rainy Berlin triathlon I had just finished, which went well, yay! For those of you who knew I had a race this weekend!) and took a quick peak at how our little plants were doing. And lo and behold, if I didn't find some wee tomatoes popping up all over the place!

What at first seems to just be flowers...

...are actually hiding happy little bulbous green babies!

I got just a litttttttle excited.

Look! Another!

And some more!

A realllllly small fuzzy one. I bet he'll be tasty though come August.

These guys can barely wait to show their true colors.

I love how they shed the flower afterwards. I kept thinking the flowers were drying up and dying and man was I relieved to learn that them turning brown was actually a good thing!

Well, these aren't the babies exactly, but I looked at the balcony for the first time from another point of view--out the living room window--and it was great to see my Italian planter box in its full glory.

Look at that lovely basil!

But better yet, look at what we made with it!

And yes, that is buffalo mozzarella. The only kind that this basil deserves.

So how is your summer garden growing?

All photos by Nicole

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