Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Digs in NY

(Good news! Sister is joining the blog for good as already-real-and-now-also-virtual my partner in crime! So be prepared now for regular updates out of New York as well as mine from Berlin! I'm so happy to have her. A twin blog is way better than a twinless blog... )

Welcome, Natalie, take it away!

Okay, I moved into my new apartment over 3 months ago and it's still, I'm mildly embarrassed to admit, a blank canvas. Can I claim that life got in the way? Or weather? Or just admit that I'm an awful procrastinator?

Whatever the reason, I've decided the remedy to it is to focus on one design project at a time. So I'm starting with shelves, since I still (yes, still) have unpacked boxes due to a lack of storage space. In previous apartments, I've always had the standard IKEA Expedit shelves (who hasn't, it seems) and I'm craving something more creative and unique (and hopefully more colorful). My roommate and I are toying with the idea of constructing wooden wine boxes--we've both worked in restaurants for years and are lucky enough to have access to such wine things--into a DIY shelving unit.

Found on Martha Stewart

Something like this seems easy enough to simply stack together, and could efficiently store loads of books and knick-knacks (and of course gnomes).

Photo by Todd Selby

Maybe I'm a bit of a clutter freak, but I also love the look of these shelves, especially paired with the picture frames, as if they're all one single ascending unit.

Photo by 101 Woonideeen

Now this set up I'm dreaming of, although I have a sneaking suspicion my roommate, all 100 skinny pounds of her, and I couldn't construct it by ourselves. Take these shelves and do something like this

Photo by Tiffin

to the interior and I'm in shelving heaven! What do you think? Cause I think I need to get DIY-ing stat!

(On a related side note, how cute and clever are these?!):

Photo by Hans Blomquist

Image credits: 1) DIY Vintage wine crate shelves from Martha Stewart; 2) Fruit crate shelves by The Selby via Poetic Home; 3) Dreamy DIY shelves found on 101 Woonideeen, pinned by Cari-Jane Hakes; 4) Colorful interior shelves by Tiffin for Design*Sponge; 5) Ridiculously clever chair shelves by Hans Blomquist via VosgesParis.


  1. Those hanging chairs are really clever and cute but I have the feeling if I attempted it people would come into our place and say, "Why do you have chairs hanging on your wall?"

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull them off either. Maybe if someone gave me a giant old farmhouse to fix up though...