Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspired By...

I'll just go ahead and warn you: I'm in a total party mood. And it's probably not a coincidence that our birthday is just around the corner. And while I'm not so big a fan of getting older, man oh man, do I love any excuse to throw a party.

...the perfect setting for a summer evening fête.

...a sunny cake using my favorite summer ingredient: bluberries.

...if I don't chop of all my hair in frustration before then, I'm considering this for my birthday hairdo, feather and all.

 Photo by Chelsea Robbins

...pretty cocktails worthy of my balcony-grown mint leaves.

...practical yet ugly chairs made party-worthy.

Photo by manuel | MC

...a (natural!) frosting color that pulls on my heart strings.

Image credits: 1) Streamers and lights by Virgil Bunao, styling by Marianne Caldwell of RiverOaks via Style Me Pretty; 2) Cake by Sweetapolita, pinned by Sharon Galios; 3) Hair by Chelsea Robbins for A Subtle Revelry; 4) Cocktails by Leslie of A Creative Mint; 5) Chairs by manuel | MC , pinned by Victoria Hudgens; 6) Cupcakes by Pâtisserie Natalie for Cake Spy, pinned by Ez Pudewa;

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  1. I love the streamers in the top photo, so festive!