Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

This was a weekend for me filled with birthdays, pets, and some much-needed outdoor time!

It was one of my best friend and favorite person in the world's birthday on Friday (hi Liz!), so I headed down to Philly for a birthday celebration on her new patio. We grilled astronomical amounts of burgers, made white sangria, tapped a keg (apparently we were channeling our inner college selves), made late night water balloons, and destroyed this impressive layer cake, homemade by the birthday girl herself.

(Side note: the birthday card I got her is in the background--if you haven't checked out Uncooked greeting cards, do it now. You'll die laughing.)

Being reunited with Liz, I also got to see one of my favorite (if slightly evil--he literally once leaped at me and smacked me in the face with his paw) cats in the world, Teodor. Obviously couldn't be left out of the party.

The next day we went to City Planter, an adorable container garden store in a converted warehouse. They specialize in "helping you find the garden container that fits your style."

They sell all sorts of hanging garden containers, like this one. You can pick your container, your variety of herbs, vines, or flowers, and they plant them for you right there. Or you can simply bring a picture of the space for your garden and their design staff will lead you in creating the garden of your dreams! Such a wonderful idea to make your garden truly individualized. Now I'm dreaming of a wall covered in succulents. Also of a colorful garden on an old city street...

...and a planter box bursting with spherical flowers.

Elsewhere, my friend's baby was born this weekend (congrats!) and all I want to do, besides squeeze her chubby little cheeks, is buy her endless amounts of cute onesies. Like this one, from Winter Water Factory--I just love the bird and floral print.

Or this adorable mustache onesie from Eden Bella on Etsy--I so want to see a baby just rockin this onesie one day!

But for now, back to New York, to the little monster I share my apartment with...

...and to hopefully some more warm weather patio parties!

All photos by Natalie, except 6) Pretty little onesie available at Winter Water Factory; 7) Mustache onesie available at Eden Bella on Etsy

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