Friday, June 24, 2011

Fourth of July Preparations

With our birthday falling on July 3rd, sister and I are always a little extra giddy to indulge ourselves on our big day knowing that we can always recover on the day off directly after. It's pretty great, not to mention the added bonus of fireworks, because there's always at least that one dude who sets them off a day early in celebration of us (at least we like to think so).

You may now be correct in guessing that no, we do not, unfortunately, get July 4th off from work in Germany. And yes, it does make me sadder than any other lack of a holiday. Which is exactly why I treated myself to an extra me! vacation day this year on that Monday and plan celebrate America's big day, after celebrating our big day, to its fullest. Starting with this:

I mean, is that cake not absolute perfection?!?! I've been on a huge layer cake kick this year, as you may have noticed, and this one is most definitely the next in line. Now I just have to find a few Berliners who are willing to take the day off and eat cake with me...

Hop on over to Glorious Treats for some more fabulous and yummy July 4th ideas!


  1. Fourth of July is the absolute best! You must celebrate no matter if you're in the US or not. I would send you sparklers if it wasn't completely illegal.

  2. It really really really is the best holiday. There's nothing better than summertime and sparklers! (I wisely stocked up on 3-ft long ones last New Years!)