Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Week Fun: Round 1

Obviously a birthday isn't enough--we should really be celebrating our birth week right? At least that's what we think. So we're getting in the spirit now, prepping our respective houses for our birthday celebrations with one fun project/purchase/pretty thing a day. Yesterday was DIY colorful garland day, we decided, so in NYC I made a version of these zig zag accordion garlands (from the brillant Jordan Ferney) to start getting my apartment (and my roommates) into the July 3rd holiday spirit! Since I couldn't scrounge up any colorful paper (it seems to all be hiding in one of my yet-to-be-unpacked boxes, sigh) I improvised with colorful magazine pages and ended up really liking the outcome! Here are the first of the cuttings, on their way to being strung up.

I didn't know where to hang them at first--my roommate suggested the stairway/hallway leading to our apartment, but then I couldn't see them while I was just lounging around the apartment. So I decided on stringing them up between our dining room and kitchen, where we could enjoy them all day everyday!

I swear, I'm not going to want to take them down once my birthday is over they're so festive and colorful! And, truth be told, I'm probably going to add more to them tonight.

Meanwhile, in Berlin...

(Hey, it's Nicole now!) Since we're both big fans of Oh Happy Day, I decided to try my hand at these fringey streamers with my tons of leftover crepe paper lying around. (Seriously, six different colors, multiple sheets of each. I stock up way too much for parties.) And my oh my, if they weren't the easiest thing I've made in a long time! I whipped up about 15 of these in the course of three Friends episodes (my current TV addiction)!

They were so cute all bundled together than I barely wanted to unwrap them.

And since our new confetti-filled living room picture looks so lonely above the couch, I figured that would be the perfect place to add some fringey fun. (Yeah, that's a Friends reflection on the picture. Don't judge.)

Fashionably late day one of our birthday week projects complete! 


  1. These are lovely, I love the colors in the cranberry and orange!

  2. Thanks!! The orange is actually even a little more coral-colored in daylight. I love it with the cranberry on the gray walls!