Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Garden Party Gnomes

You may or may not have figured it out by now, but sister and I are a little bit head-over-heels for gnomes. This wasn't some kind of Amelie-induced craze that had us photographing lawn gnomes throughout our travels (though we do like to let our gnomies participate in our adventures as much as possible), but it instead came about one random, cold, fall day in Florence, Italy when we purchased our first wee gnome at an outdoor market on a whim. He was so freaking cute, with his tipsy pose, that we couldn't resist. And we've been hooked ever since.

I'd love to show you pictures of some of our gnomes out on their travels, but I don't want to wander too far into crazy-person territory in this post. We're still getting to know each other, after all. But let's suffice it to say, I nearly jumped right out of my office chair when I came across these guys:

And you had better believe that I just ordered more than my fair share of these little fellows for my birthday/Fourth of July picnic!

I foresee care packages full of these being sent to the US in my future...

Gnome torches available at Car Möbel via sodapop-design


  1. These are absolutely adorable!

  2. Arent't they great?! I hope people won't think I'm completely weird when I have them surrounding my picnic area in the park...but then again, they'd probably just want some too!