Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Balcony Garden Update

Yesterday's return to Berlin from our 3-day-weekend (yay for random holidays!) trip to Rügen also happily marked Micha's (mostly) permanent return home after a month-long stint in Munich for work. (YAY!) His first request? A grill evening on the balcony. And our little plants did their best to stand up straight, puff out their leaves, and welcome him home.

They now have flowers!  Homegrown tomato yumminess is within our reach at last.

I had actually picked off all the largest basil leaves the night before. Apparently, it didn't even phase them.

Happy orgeano and thyme. That planter box is my pride and joy. And yet hard to photograph in its over-the-rail position.

 That random solar guy in there is for the awesome Ikea solar light chains I finally got.

Ahhh, this view makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And to top it all off (sans lights though, those had to be taken down for the crazy summer storms we've been having), my chair cushions from H&M Home finally arrived! Ahhhhh, how I love adding pink touches when the man of the house is gone...

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