Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspired By...

...a standout outfit. I don't know when I started liking the color yellow but all of a sudden, it's my new color crush. Only when done right, of course.

...cupcakes that look like sunshine from the oven. These beauties will have to duke it out with my fave blueberry peppermint cupcakes for my birthday treat this year.

Photo by Erin Wilson

...a fancy picnic on a lake. This looks freakishly similar to what my birthday looked like last year (courtesy of a friend's fancy World Cup viewing party we attended in Wannsee on a perfect July day). I would like a repeat. Immediately. Oh, and a trip to Ikea. I need that too.

Photo from Ikea

...a sparkly garland. I'm not usually one for sappy decorations like this, but 1) I love all things glitter, and 2) with Micha gone in Munich for the month, frankly, I'm feeling a bit sappy lately. I think I'll recreate one of these BHLDN garlands myself with some rocking green and blue glitter paper I have lying around.

...a gorgeous summer hairstyle. I've worn the typical messy side bun to too many weddings this past year and need to change it up a bit for the wedding we're going to in July. I'm thinking this will do the trick quite nicely.

...the perfect final touches for our balcony. These lights have been calling my name for way too many weeks. I can ignore their siren call no longer.

Photo from Ikea

Image credits: 1) fuckyeahstreetstyle via Wear Color 2) Cupcakes by Sunshine and Carousels via CRAFT; 3) Lake scene by Ikea; 4) Garland available at BHLDN via oh, hello friend; 5) Braid bun by GM Photograpics via Fräulein K. Sagt Ja; 6) Solar string lights available at

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