Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspired By...

...coral and navy. It's been a color combo crush of mine since last fall and I'm looking for way to transition it into spring. If only I had the legs to pull these capris off.

 Photo by Kendi Everyday

...I would actually write all those letters I say I'm going to send my Gramma if I had this pretty of an address stamp to seal them off with.

...an office space (in Berlin!) worth drooling over. My days at the office just got a little more dreary in comparison.

...my newest mantra. I'd like to print this on a t-shirt and wear it to my next karaoke outing so I have an excuse to hog the mic all evening. 

...an unexpected pop of color. While I'd love to paint my kitchen table this color, I have the feeling it would clash horribly with the lime green walls. Perhaps the blacony table..? Either way, I need some seafoam paint in my life.

...a homemade cake that could rival that of any bakery. I recently made my first multilayer cake for a friend's birthday and, though it was extremely time consuming, it was perhaps the most fun I've had baking in years! I'm not quite sure I can hold out 'til my birthday in July to make my next one...any takers?

Photo by Call me cupcake! 

Image credits: 1) Outfit by Kendi Everyday; 2) Stamp by Felt & Wire Shop via A Cup of Jo; 3) Berlin office by Giorgio Possenti via Black Eiffel; 4) Mantra by Castle and Things via Black Eiffel; 5) Kitchen table by Jasna Janekovic via Creature Comforts; 6) Cake by Call me cupcake! via Peonies and Polaroids.

*Blogger deleted this post during the outage and apparently decided not to restore it. So here it is again, enjoy!

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