Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Let me first preface by mentioning that my DSLR is enjoying adventures in Munich with Micha, so all pictures below are from a point-and-shoot or camera phone. So you don't think my meager photo-taking skills suddenly all went down the tube in the last few weeks or anything!

I started my weekend of with a run along my usual course to Weißensee.

The road around this little pond looked freakishly familiar to how it looked covered in snow all winter! Luckily, it turned out to just be tons and tons of pollen (which also likes to attack me on my bike these days...) Oh how I pity those with allergies this week.

On Saturday I took a trip to the most recently opened Ikea, right in the city! Well, depending on your definition of "in the city" in Berlin. It's "way" in the East in Lichtenberg but, in my opinion, super close and easy to get to with public transportation. Getting back with all your stuff is of course another story...

I still don't know if it was good or bad that I knew going into it I would be driven home by Micha's mom (my shopping companion for the day) afterwards. (Uh, but my bank account DOES know the answer.) Because dear lord just look at the result of not having to worry about carrying things home on the tram!

Shopping adventures do not end there though and I received my first of -- well, you don't need to know how many -- packages from my recent (and much-needed) (and yet quite embarassing) buying spree on Zalando lately. It is the greatest website ever, I kid you not. But as the commercials warn you, you will get addicted. Ohhhh soooo addicted...

And then I moved on to my other newest addiction of baking layer cakes. The dough was TO DIE FOR. (I used Martha's yellow cake recipe.)

Then I got all crazy with the buttercream frosting. Translation: I ran out of powdered sugar and on a whim decided to substitute it with cocoa powder and love. Shockingly, it worked!

And then I added some chocolate chips to the middle just because there probably weren't enough calories in it already.

Somehow, I have no picture of the final cake (what is wrong with me?!?), but here's a super dark and blurry phone pic of the part of it that was left after we all dove into at a friend's party that night.

Mmmmmmmmmm... And how was your weekend?

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