Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Weekend!

It's been threatening rain all week down here, and yesterday the skies finally opened up and let it pour all day long. Needless to say when I was outside and in the completely wrong (and new!) shoes. But so it often goes. This weekend I'm hoping to avoid the rain to get a track workout in (I signed up for the South Beach triathlon and it's in just 2 short months, eek!) and to do some much needed home and craft shopping. (But really, when is home and craft shopping not much needed?)

Happy weekend, everyone!

I came across this image on Pinterest (via FFFFound) and fell in love with it. Wouldn't it be so cool as a giant piece of statement art on a stark white wall?

P.S. The coolest print for your home bar. It'll really tie the room together. (via ManMade DIY)

Love these.

Not everyone got to go to Alt Summit, but you can still keep up with all its happenings here. (via You Are My Fave)

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