Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspired By...

...a bright pink kitchen. I repeat: a bright pink kitchen. Enough said.

 Via Bolaget

...hands-down the coolest stool/knitted piece of furniture I've seen yet. And it's bright blue. Swoon.

Available by Claire-Anne O'Brien

...a recipe (and beautiful tablescape) for red beet and poppyseed muffins that sounds to die for. I've bought fresh beets in the past and never really known what to do besides boil and slice them, so this opens up a whole new world of beet amazingness for me. And naturally-red-colored-baked-goods amazingness, too.

Recipe and photo by Aran

...a rug that's 1) DIY, 2) friendship bracelet-inspired (did your 80s-self love those as much as mine did?!), and 3) chevron. I need to get way more crafty and make this right now.

 Photo by Liv Colliander, DIY by Brittany Watson

...gorgeous geometric gift wrap that appeals to the gift wrapping lover in me.

Photo by Leslie Shewring

Image credits: Bright pink kitchen from Bolaget via SF Girl by Bay | Knit stool by Claire-Anne O'Brien via Apartment Therapy | Red beet and poppyseed muffins by Cannelle et Vanille | Graphic gift wrap by A Creative Mint | Chevron rug by The House that Lars Built 

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