Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Neon Love

I stumbled across this little shop,, on Etsy yesterday and I just had to share because I am completely smitten. I mean, it's no secret I'm (still) on a huge neon kick, and I also happen to have a big old soft spot in my heart for matroyshka dolls (cuz how could you not?). So as soon as I saw these ones, well, I pretty much just wished my birthday would roll around a lot quicker this year! (Although on second thought, thanks but no thanks; I still need to make the most of out 28.)

Clockwise from top left: Bear | Ornaments | Stag | Matroyshkas

So anywho, if you need a little mental break while enjoying your coffee at your desk this afternoon, hop on over to for some fabulously colorful eye candy. And then hop back over here and let me know exactly what I can use that bear brooch for (do people still wear brooches? When? And with what? And why...?). I need justification for welcoming it into my home, and simply saying "but it looks like a Berlin/California bear!" isn't really cutting it...

ps. I kind of think that stag one would look awesome in Charlie's blue-green baby room in giant size. :)


  1. you can wear the brooch on a jacket lapel or as a place to secure a wrap around scarf!

  2. To secure a scarf! That's genius! Why have I never thought of that...?