Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inspiration to Action: My Chalkboard Entryway

Before I start, I know, I know, I've talked about my new chalkboard wall a few times already and have not yet shared it (blame it on laziness? work? lack of sunshine? Okay obviously not lack of sunshine, but some overwhelming combination of the other two). But I finally did it, I sat down (well, stood up if you want to get all technically accurate about it) and photographed it and am going to share it today.

Like I said before, I was super-inspired to create a bold entryway in my new little Miami casa. But I was debating for a long time what to do--a striped wall? a statement-making shelving unit? a chalkboard wall? I ended up deciding on the chalkboard wall because 1) I love a good chalkboard wall, 2) I have serious doubts that my stripe-painting skills are up to par, and 3) we have entirely too many shelving units in our teeny apartment as it is, and I don't want to encourage that kind of burgeoning hoarder-dom. So I skipped on over (okay, I didn't actually skip, but part of me really wanted to I was so excited to finally get this project underway) to my hardware store down the street, picked up a can of black chalkboard paint (I was told they also had bright pink, but, after momentarily considering the amazingness of this, turned it down--for the man's sake), and painted my heart out.

My initial reaction, upon completion was pretty much "YAY!", in even bigger caps, if that were possible. The man's (I did kind of spring this little project upon him one day) was "...okayyy...". And then every time he walked in through the front door for the next week, "Mamma mia" (he's Italian, not just a super Abba fan, and, well, we might have some issues if the latter were the case). But, he does love it (success!), and even chalked out his role as commander of the kitchen over the kitchen doorway (as you know, I bake, but that is about the extent of my role in the kitchen. Unless you count "awesome guacamole maker" as a legitimate role).

So here it is (again, YAY!), finally, my chalkboard entryway:

I also ended up deciding that the black looked so good--all our other walls are white, since we live in a rental--I should extend the paint the whole length of the wall rather than stopping it at the entrance to the kitchen (that seemed kind of awkward and mid-wall). You can kind of see this below. So now one side of the hallway is black chalkboard as well and, if I may say so myself, looks awesome (and is also super fun--what, like you don't like doodling all over your walls?).

Lo and behold, there it is--my inspiration for a chalkboard wall and a bold entryway brought together in real life. Hurrah, one more project in 2012 actually completed! I'm on a roll this year. Now what can I paint next...

All photos by Natalie


  1. It looks AWESOME sister! hurrah!! Now come paint our hall! :)

  2. thanks! its so much fun! and nic, well, you know im an uber-fast painter...

  3. Wow! I love it! When I was younger I painted my bedroom door with chalkboard paint and loved it. This make me want to paint a wall in my house again!!

  4. Thanks Vanessa! Glad you're inspired :) It really is fun to have a giant chalkboard to write on, isn't it?