Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Few Things That Made Me Smile This Weekend

My new kitchen timer. His big eyes and little toes bring a smile to my face when I see him perched on the stove every morning. And baking all those cookies will be even more fun now!

Having some silly fun (and food, and wine...oh, so much wine...) at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

Learning that, had I so desired, I could've met Antonio Banderas at...my local liquor store.

My scooter riding outfit for our mini-trip to Key Biscayne. Cause a helmet is always a hot look.

Enjoying 80-degree weather on the beach in February. Along with some beautiful views, really loud seagulls, and a pretty cool lighthouse. 

Hope your weekend was lovely as well!

All photos by Natalie's trusty iphone

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