Friday, February 3, 2012

Handmade Finds: Valentine's Treats

To start the weekend off right, here's a little round-up of a few goodies I found that could add that extra little touch of zazzle to an upcoming Valentine's Day soirée/date/evening in.

1. Who could resist the blunt sweetness of this print? {by The Big Harumph}
2. Wee crocheted hearts to spread the love around. {by Petite and Cute Design}
3. A love letter that can never be forgotten. {by YuCan}
4. Go ahead and tell that special someone what you really want. {by 5280bliss}
5. A cozy way to up the romantic factor of your morning coffee routine. {by Knotwork shop}
6. A sweet little card for those with good manners. {by the tigapigs}