Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspired By...

{First of all, sorry for my absence this week, but I've been having one of those weeks where I seem to have a million things to do and no time to do any of it! Does that ever happen to you? But I'll try to get back to regularly posting next week. Thanks for staying tuned!}

...a sweet little message in a bottle DIY that I would absolutely love to give or receive. This is just too adorable for words!

 Photos & DIY by Danni Hong of the all-time best shows (with some of the all-time best one liners) made into art! The exhibition, called Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing (how perfect!), is being shown here until March 10. Now if only I were in San Francisco to go see it!

...the super colorful Chicago home offices of FLOR. I've admired FLOR tiles for a while and finally, after agonizing over a new rug for our kitchen because I've tripped over our current one approximately 5.1 trillion times, I bought my first FLOR tiles this week. They're colorful, comfortable, totally moppable (bonus!) and stay 100% in place, meaning no more tripping. Love them.

 Photo by Jason Loper

...cozy pillows of furry creatures to cuddle up with at night! So if you're like Nicole and want that weiner dog but know your boyfriend will never agree to getting one, at least you can cuddle a replica of the little guy whenever you want!

  Available by Areaware

...this stunning and whimsical dresser. It's okay to say OMG still, right? Because O.M.G. I want this. Now.

Available by John Lewis

Image credits: Message in a bottle by Oh Hello, Friend | Seinfood illustrations by Rinee Shah via Pot + Pantry pinned by SF Girl by Bay | FLOR home office photographed by Jason Loper via Apartment Therapy | Fauna pillows by Areaware via | Whimsical dresser by John Lewis via Bright.Bazaar

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