Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Look at Our Thanksgiving Bash 2011

Our neons-and-neutrals Thanksgiving evening was absolutely perfect. I say this every year but really, it gets more and more fun each time.

Even with 25 people squeezing into our living room and ten dishes needing to be warmed up simultaneously in our small oven; even though half of my wall decoartions fell off before the guests arrived; even though my bike and the turkeys had a giant wipeout while I was schlepping all 15 kilos of them home on my own (thanks a lot for not helping me out, people who walked by and did nothing!); and even though we had a near disaster a couple hours before the party when one of our office shelves busted out of the wall and crashed onto the cabinet below, flinging my craft supplies and all sorts of papers across the room (amazingly, no one was hurt and nothing was broken!); despite all of that, the evening was exactly what it should be: full of happy, chatty friends, delicious food, and ridiculously entertaining conversation.

 The save-the-dates (necessary in Germany, since it's not a terribly well-known holiday) and invitiations I sent out via Paperless Post. A vegan supermarket opened up near us recently and prompted me to explain tofurkey to Micha. He then spent all of November scaring his meat-loving friends into thinking that's what we'd be serving this year.

 The 7- and 8-kilo birds, precariously positioned on my bike. Not a recommended turkey transporation method.

I use this brine recipe from Craftzine every year and it always produces the juiciest, most delicious turkey. Along with extremely salty gravy, be warned. 

Mmmmm, I've finally mastered my Gramma's broccoli casserole with Bisquick crust recipe and always make an extra one for leftovers.

Cheers to the preggos (two out of three are in this picture) and our one adorable wee guest, Mia!

Yes, my batty Halloween decorations are indeed still up. I'm beginning to grow really attached to them.

Turkey quiz time!

I must say, it's a good thing Thanksgiving is followed directly by the Christmas season, or I'd be really depressed right now that my favorite holiday is already over. See you next year, Thanksgiving. Stay awesome.

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