Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Reading Inspiration

Okay, I'm about to admit something mildly embarrassing about myself that my roommate recently discovered when she saw my ever-growing collection on our living room bookshelf: I love reading kids' books. Not picture books--I do read at higher than a first grade level--but pre-teen and young adult books. I don't know why, but those are the books that got me hooked on reading when I was a kid (like Goosebumps, remember those?!) and I've never gotten sick of them since. I of course was on the Harry Potter bandwagon, although I never could get into Twilight, and now I am so hooked on The Hunger Games. Usually I try to find my books at the library (yes, I still use the library, and sometimes I feel I'm the only one, but I'd have a personal library to fill a three-storey house by now if I didn't) or order them on amazon, but I was so desperate to start Catching Fire, the second book of the trilogy, that I had to go out and buy it at my local bookstore right away. Don't you just love books that are powerful enough to suck you into their world and not let you go?

Anyway, needless to say all things Hunger Games are on my mind since I'm reading the book every chance I get--at the gym, on the subway, before bed. The forest, camping, hunting, gathering edible botanicals, Katniss Everdeen's mockingjay pin, her leather hunting boots...I could go on and on. These are some of my pretty Hunger Games-inspired recent finds.

It probably goes without saying, but even if you're not into, or too old for, Young Adult books, read the Hunger Games trilogy. It's addicting! Then tell me what you think.

Clockwise from top left: Feathers print by RiverLuna Silver sparrow necklace by Tiny Cottage Treasures | Zip-up boots by Ash pinned by Kayleigh | Botanical calendar by  Miles of Light 

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  1. Pretty inspiration! Love the zipper on the backs of those boots. Brilliant!