Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weekends in Pictures

A couple weeks ago, we took a stroll through Tiergarten and it only took me about 2.5 minutes of walking to realize I really was really sick. Again. The walk was lovely but the biergarten workers were not at all prepared for so many people to want to enjoy the lovely, sunny day there and totally dropped the ball on service. It was for the better, as I gladly headed to bed instead and ended up staying there the entire week with something similar to strep throat. Thanks for that, fall.

Once I was feeling better, we decided to go check out the new HofbrÀuhaus beer hall that opened at Alexanderplatz on this weekend, but much to our chagrin, there were bouncers and a line outside! Hard to believe, for such a large location, but as Micha so aptly put, he wasn't "about to wait in line for Bavarian beer" (His Berliner-ness comes out every now and then in such exclamations). I just wasn't going to wait in line for anything in the cold, so we moved on to a great bar around the corner (Volksbar) where they were playing some awesome '20s music with an electro twist.

On Sunday, we headed to our friend's new house that they just bought and are in the process or renovating. Sadly, they'll be getting rid of that chair-lift. I think it really adds something to the stairwell, don't you? Following a tour a coffee break, we headed to the forest to get our lumberjacking on, only to find out that Micha's rusty old saw was no match for real trees. He barely made a dent in them! (I have big plans for woodsy Thanksgiving decorations, you see, and he's so great he was willing to try to cut up some tree branches for me.) But on to plan B...

And apparently, I have a nature walk. It's kind of an ewwww-why-is-nature-so-yucky, prissy walk, I now realize, and I'll pretty much have to avoid nature from now on so as not to been seen by anyone else walking around this goofy-ly again.

I'll be back a little later with a fun project using some pretty leaves I collected!

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