Monday, November 21, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was a good stay-home-and-craft kind of weekend. Partially because of the gloomy, gray weather and partially because of the sickness-that-won't-end and that has now fallen upon our entire household. All two of us.

Ok, this is from baby shower weekend, but look at those fluffy clouds! Makes me wish I could bounce around on them all day, care bear-style.

Meet Bonny (I think that's her name, Germans pronounce it funny) and her rockin' mohawk.

Vodka being infused for pre-Thanksgiving dinner cocktail hour this weekend. Mmmmmm.

Spent way too much time and money at my favorite craft store but it was all worth it. You'll see why soon.

Tea and meds station for sickies.

 A needed break from tea with some delicious, strangely flavored (cinnamon banana and nougat), locally made, organic hot chocolate as a replacement.

Brown paper packages not yet tied up with string.

This coming week is a busy one as we'll be prepping for our Thanksgiving bash on Saturday (since we sadly don't get Thursday or Friday off here. Sad face.) and I'm determined to send out some Christmas packages before December rolls around. Wish me luck. We also really need to get healthy before Saturday. I don't want to face the prospect, or guilt, of infecting 23 people with our germs!

How was your pre-Thanksgiving weekend?

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