Monday, November 21, 2011


Do you have a certain process for moving? Like when you get to your new place, open all your boxes, stare blankly at the amount of stuff you have for a while (how is it always so much?), and then attack the unpacking process? I recently discovered that I have a very particular, if not at all neat and tidy, moving process. It goes something like this: I open every box, suitcase, and package; I pull out things and start laying them out so I can see everything at once; I start assorting into piles that, in my head, are labelled something like "knick knacks and crap," "clothes," "closet clothes," "kitchen stuff," "any and every paper I own"; and once I have assembled piles all over the apartment, I start putting things away. I was in the process of opening and piling when my man, whose apartment I have just moved into/invaded, came home. Suffice it to say that his response was "Mamma mia..." and he didn't dare take more than a peek into the over-piled bedroom. But, lo and behold, by the end of the day, all my piles were put away and order was restored (thankfully, or I might have been kicked right back out). So I'm curious, do you have a particular way of moving? One that doesn't give your spouse/roommate/usually-tolerant-boyfriend a panic attack? Or one that's even messier than mine?

 One of my lovely moving piles. And my oh-so-helpful unpacking buddy. (Yes, the 80s-style black dresser underneath has to go. No, it wasn't mine.)

I suppose this is also my way of telling you, hey, I've moved! To a new apartment (yay!), but more importantly, to a new city (double yay!). From now on I'll be calling Miami Beach home and, sorry to rub this in (Nicole), I am so excited for the balmy weather and relaxing beaches! Expect some tropical posts and inspiration from me in the near future--I'll be enjoying it all I can!

My new home!

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