Monday, November 7, 2011

Ombre Fall Garland

I whipped up this little leaf garland this weekend to add some fall flair to the apartment. It had been previously all decked out for Halloween, with spider webs, bats, and everything, but my fall sickness had other plans for me and our Halloween mini dinner party had to be canceled. Sniffle sniffle. There's always next year. (I did manage to watch a few horror movies though, as you know I love, so not all was lost!)

Berlin lacks maple trees, so I was originally going for just a yellow-and-orange garland, but was pleasantly surprised to find some reddish leaves on the ground near the Cuban embassy (it's right near our place. I didn't go spying on Cuba to search for leaves or anything...). So I decided to add some red in there after all and grabbed a couple fresh green leaves to finish it off.

All it took were a bunch leaves that weren't wet but weren't yet too dry, a bit of natural colored twine, and a hot glue gun. I considered using a needle and thread, but didn't want to rip the leaves.

Just put a stripe of glue across the back of a leaf, press on the the twine, and repeat until all your leaves are attached. Leave as little or as much space as you want between leaves. Et voilĂ !

A TV area that's a little bit more festive!