Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Christmas-ing!

My favorite phrase in German this time of year is "Es weihnachtet," which literally means "it's Christmas-ing." I'm a big fan of turning this holiday into a verb to describe the festive, jolly vibe that settles upon German cities in wintertime.

Since the Christmas markets in Berlin already opened last Monday, I've been meandering through them every day since then during my lunch break and on my way home from work. I do, however, make a point of not having my first Christmas market gl├╝hwein until after Thanksgiving. My own little inner can't-let-go-of-fall-quite-yet protest.

This year, to kick off the holiday fun, I've made a lofty December goal for myself to visit a Christmas market every single day until the 24th. It gives me a nice headstart before all the Advent calendar joy sets in (oh, do I have lots of Advent calendar surprises in store here!).

Well, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as fabulous as mine was! I'll be back tomorrow with a recap. Our neons-and-neutrals party was a blast and as an added bonus, we now know that 25 people can fit (mostly) comfortably in our little apartment, as can enough food to accomodate them. Oh the possibilities...

(Ok and last thing: I passed my German driving test today! It's been a long, long process as the German driving office seems to have something against Californians, but I finally get to drive in this country! I didn't think I'd be this excited but I totally am.)

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