Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toms Ballerinas Are Coming!

I think my heart actually skipped a quick beat this morning when this email arrived in my inbox:

Are you a Toms fan? Cuz if you are, I can't imagine you wouldn't be excited about this! And even if you're not, who doesn't like a cute pair of comfy ballerinas? And comfy ones that support a good cause to boot? You really can't go wrong.

I actually do not own any Toms (though I did buy Micha a pair for his birthday, which he still has left to receive as we have no idea which neighbor the mailman left our package with. His handwriting is illegible and I'm now convinced he was drunk on the job. And probably usually is... But I digress.). Though I have wanted some for years, since so many travel-loving friends and bloggers always rave on and on about them.

So I think these ballet flats are the perfect opportunity for me to stock up. Quick! Who wants to order some tomorrow and ship them to Germany for me? I always pay back such favors in over-the-top care packages...

p.s. Get them here starting tomorrow!


  1. Oh! I completely lost track of time and didn't realize they came out today! I'm beyond excited! It's funny because I actually JUST made a post about TOMs yesterday!

  2. I'm currently bribing sister to buy and ship some for me, they're so fabulous! And yay for likeminded posts, Vanessa!