Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Alpine New Year's Eve in Pictures

I promise after this post I'll catch up to the current date, really.

Scuba diving in an old sauerkraut factory

Bavarian derby hockey game: Munich vs. Augsburg with a stellar (read: cheesy) Star Wars-themed intro

Breakfast in Austria

Ready for adventure

Three serious Germans...

Sleddable stairs

Our New Year's Eve winter wonderland

A common sight

Käsespätzle heaven

A torch lit winter walk

A toast deserves a serenade.

Well-wishing woodland creatures

 Quite clearly my favorite part of the night

I wisely took the week off work between Christmas and New Year's so we decided to spend it in Munich with lots of good friends, since we were headed to Austria for New Year's Eve anyways (and because Micha could work from his company's office there while I gallavanted around town). The trip was just what I needed: some r&r with Emily (Babywatch 2011 has now turned into Babywatch 2012 but the little guy is still staying put), some party-throwing with Claudia (for her in-between-the-holidays birthday), and some hockey watching with the boys (it's so much more relaxing when it's not your team playing!).

We also managed to squeeze in a day of indoor scuba diving to prepare us for our next tropical adventure, which was perfect since I was in dire need of a refresher course (our friends Nico & Claudi are pros). I haven't been diving since we learned to in Malaysia and were attacked by a fish the size of my torso. After which I proceeded to lose a fin but surprisingly, not my will to dive. Remind me to tell you that story some day.

On the 31st, we and eight other friends (some friends of friends thrown into the mix) drove across the border to Austria and hiked up a very snowy mountain - in fact, it didn't stop snowing all day - to a picturesque little cabin to party it up in. And that we did...

Happy belated New Year! Let's make 2012 a great one!

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